We focus on people, their values and results.


  • Guide, educate and advise people in their commitment to excellence
  • Motivate innovation and train people to take an acceptable risk, to try out something new.
  • Increase the sense of responsibility in order to develop the decision making process
  • Recognize the unique contribution of each person in the collective sense of achievements


  • Promote, educate and guide people in their respect for the environment and it’s diversity
  • Balance short and long term goals
  • Win trust by honesty
  • Act with an open mind
  • Say what you do and do what you say


  • Concentrate on results
  • Act continuously with the focus on both the internal and external customers satisfaction.
  • Do a good job from the beginning
  • Manage your time setting up clear goals and priorities

Quality & Safety

Your product - our ‘tailor made’ approach

  • We are concerned about quality and safety in all our operations and activities.
  • We are aware that continuously improving our quality is the only possible way to achieve our goals. Monthly meetings and follow-up KPI’s is a continuous process involving everybody in the organisation.
  • All our personnel are trained to meet the requirements of both ours and yours quality policy without exception.
  • Our tailor made approach is the only solutions to offer our clients the services that fully comply with their demands.
  • Our processes are regularly audited by an external environmental and safety auditor.
  • We foresee in appropriate specialized training for everybody.

Reasons for Choosing us!!

We are ...Caring

Our attitude is that you come first!

We are here to be of service to you. It matters to us very much, that you are completely satisfied. That is our attitude... pure and simple.

We want to be your partner and your first choice for international freight services. When you entrust Gaerish with shipping your goods overseas, we will take the same care of them, as if they were our own. We want you to come back and use us again... and again!

We are ...Cost-effective

Nobody ever likes to re-visit the job, when it goes wrong! It doesn't work for anybody... and above all, it is not cost- effective. Our aim is to do the job right... first time, and every time.

Instinctively, most of us know that if we want a job done well, we have to pay the right price. But, what is the "right" price?? There is a subtle difference between price and cost. When it comes to price, we will always try to be the most competitive, having due regard for what and how you want the job done. However, it is not our practice, nor is it always in your or our interest for us to undercut the competition, by being the cheapest... simply to secure your business. We both know that it often does not work out very well.

At the end of the day, the real cost is nearly always the consequence of what was paid.

... And, our aim is to ensure that the value of our service is always higher than its price!

We are ...Competent

Above all, we believe we are professionally competent in what we do. We do all the "I's" and cross all the "T's." We are constantly aware of how important your customer's goodwill is to you. ...And, because it is important to you, it is very important to us!

Delivering your goods swiftly to your overseas customer takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and a commitment to do it well; it is a team effort. Your reputation in the international arena may easily depend on your choice of forwarder and their performance.

We take pride in doing the job well and moreover, to your complete satisfaction. We will often go the extra mile... and always with a smile!